Zebra and Ivanti Wavelink Improve Warehouse and Manufacturing Material Movement Productivity 2023

Ivanti’s supply chain business unit and Zebra Technologies Corporation, an innovator at the front line of business with solutions and partners that deliver a performance edge, have just announced that they will integrate Ivanti Wavelink and Zebra autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in warehouse and manufacturing facilities. This was done in conjunction with today’s announcement. Productivity and throughput will both rise as a result of the integrated solution, and staff will be freed up to concentrate on more valuable work.

This partnership helps customers who need to streamline complex workflows associated with material movement by accelerating the effectiveness of automation. It does this by integrating Ivanti Wavelink’s Velocity platform for voice direction with Zebra’s line of Fetch automated material response devices (AMRs). Today, Zebra AMRs can be controlled by Velocity applications or voice-direction on Zebra rugged mobile devices, which does not require any modifications to the host WMS, ERP, or any other enterprise systems. This makes it possible for robots to be quickly integrated into already established workflows. As a result of having robots perform activities that are repetitious and involve heavy lifting, the amount of physical material handling that is required can be decreased by as much as fifty percent, which results in an increase in productivity, the streamlining of workflows, and an improvement in safety.

“Our customers recognize that automation is key to the future of their operations and are ready to make investments in strategies and solutions that can get them where they need to be quick,” said Jim Lawton, General Manager, and Vice President, of Robotics Automation, for Zebra Technologies. “Our customers recognize that automation is key to the future of their operations and are ready to make investments in strategies and solutions that can get them where they need to be quick.” “Integrating Ivanti Wavelink’s Velocity platform with our Fetch AMRs brings the kind of sophistication customers are looking for,” the company said in a statement. “In this case, integrating voice commands with AMRs,” the statement continued, “so work gets done quickly, correctly, and without friction.”

Zebra automated mobile readers (AMRs) are instructed to complete stages in workflows by means of the Velocity platform. This results in a particularly high value being produced in activities that require material movement and transport. In addition, clients are given visibility into the status of AMRs through the insights provided by Ivanti Neurons for IIoT. This allows customers to be aware of what job each robot is doing on as well as any delays or disturbances that they experience.

“This relationship is another example of how our ‘hands off the host app’ approach, which is a major component of the Ivanti Wavelink’s Velocity platform, may help aid in enhancing productivity, accuracy, and safety. According to Brandon Black, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Ivanti Wavelink, “there is minimum deployment time required for Velocity since it connects with current business systems without the need to relocate or alter the host application.” “Velocity integrates the interaction between robotics, mobile devices, and software on a single, extendable platform that can scale with businesses of any size.” Because of this, businesses have the opportunity to improve their bottom line through increased operational efficiency.

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