Wheat Ridge shop owner hit by driver 2023

Wheat Ridge motorists witnessed a suspected Intoxicated driver veer into opposing traffic and collide with a neighborhood store.

Monday evening, a car collided with Swiss Flower and Gift, located near Kipling Street and 44th Avenue.

Heidi Haas-Sheard, the store’s proprietor, stated that her husband was in the store at the time of the accident but was unharmed.

“My spouse contacts me and instructs me to dial 911 because there is an emergency. She stated, “Someone drove into the building.”

Haas-Sheard stated she was at their new facility next door assisting clients.

Haas-Sheard stated, “We rushed over there and discovered this automobile within the old shop.” “It destroyed the wall and the seats. We typically have a table there where we disassemble puzzles since we create puzzles next door, but happily, that table wasn’t there where my kid usually disassembles puzzles.”

She stated that her family has owned Swiss Flower and Gift for 53 years. The automobile collided with the original structure where, according to Haas-Sheard, they currently organize events. In the last four and a half years, Haas-Sheard developed a new facility next door to house their products.

“The name has an origin. “It’s Swiss Flower and Gift,” stated Haas-Sheard. Everything that brings you joy.

According to authorities, the motorist was not hurt but was suspected of driving under the influence. Haas-Sheard stated that they are only concerned with cleanup and reconstruction.

That might have been far worse. Haas-Sheard

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