WhatsApp Business Users Get Status Archive Feature 2023

WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new Status Archive feature that will enable users to transmit previous account status updates even after 24 hours. The new feature will, however, be exclusive to WhatsApp Business users.

The messaging platform operated by Meta has recently received new features. Additionally, it is evaluating multiple features. WhatsApp Business for Android beta testers currently have access to a new update (version which includes the Status Archive.

Once testing is complete, it will be released to the general public. A banner displayed within the Status pane will inform users

A Status Archive Option Is Coming to WhatsApp for Businesses.

The new’status archive’ function will enable enterprises to utilize WhatsApp more effectively. They will be able to provide customers with previous status updates. Therefore, they will be able to share the same archived status with consumers as many times as they desire.

Additionally, the app will enable users to manage their archive preferences. You can view your archive directly from the Status tab’s menu. Due to the fact that the archive is always private, only you can view your archived status updates.

The new updates will be accessible for up to 30 days on a compliant device. You may also create advertisements for other Meta platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, or share these updates until their expiration date.

In addition to adding new features, WhatsApp is rumored to be undergoing a redesign. Multiple recent features seek to transform the messaging platform into a social media platform. It also incorporates features from other Met-owned applications such as Facebook and Instagram.

After installing the latest version from the Google Play Store on Android, you can test out the new feature.

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