What Can You Expect from a Handyman?

More than twenty years has passed since the beloved handyman of America left the small screen. Tim “The Toolman” Taylor was a popular figure who popularized do-it-yourself projects. He was a “do it all” sort of man, even if he wasn’t able to do everything.

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In the tradesman industry, handymen are sometimes overlooked. The phrase “handyman” is no longer relevant due to the development of internet search and specialized professionals. People with a variety of skill sets are no longer the first to come to mind when it comes to managing odd jobs. For example, handymen used to be the people who installed TVs. Some firms these days just focus on installing TVs.

It goes without saying that practically everything is owned by a company these days. Every task on the to-do list can be handled by one of numerous experts. So why haven’t we paid attention to the ultimate to-do listers? It’s most likely because they don’t know what a handyman is capable of. Where precisely can a handyman mend things?

I want to respond precisely like that. I’m going to examine the many sorts of requests the handyman gets, considering the variety of household chores that they are asked to finish. Handymen can probably do the majority of odd chores that are required of them. In no particular order, here are the top 12 handyman tasks that clients request.

1. Drywall repair

For a number of reasons, a homeowner could hire a handyman to fix their drywall. Fixes include replacing damaged doorknobs, tiny and large nail holes, hammered corners, and fractures in the walls. A handyman should be able to handle any type of drywall damage.

2. Setting up a TV

HDTVs have become less of a luxury and more accessible during the last five years. Even if they are now more cheaply priced, someone still wants to protect their investment. Mounting a TV is the simplest way to keep it secure and free up space in a room. Hanging a TV is a skill that practically every handyman possesses.

3. Venting the dryer outside

Doing a lot of home maintenance tasks once a year is a wonderful idea. This holds true for cleaning your dryer vent as well.

Did you know that leaving your dryer vent uncleaned might increase the danger of a fire in your house? Some individuals aren’t even conscious that they need be cleansed. A buildup of lint may be preventing the warm air in your vent from escaping. This blockage might result in overheating and possibly a fire.

It might drastically lower the dryer’s efficiency in addition to posing a fire danger. wasting money and time since it takes longer for clothes to dry.

4. Gutter cleaning

If gutters aren’t cleaned, they might get clogged and overflow. Both the walls and the foundation of a house might be harmed by this overflow.

Despite the widespread understanding of the need of gutter cleaning, many people still fail to do this task. A lot of homeowners don’t think twice about it. Taking the ladder out and putting it to use in the gutter to collect leaves? Maybe the next year.

Instead of ignoring it, a handyman equipped with their own ladder would gladly clean up those annoying gutters.

5. Leaky Tap

Everyone finds it annoying when a faucet leaks. It’s one of those repairs that the average homeowner would find daunting, but a handyman can probably do it quickly. A broken faucet that drops one drop per second can waste more than three thousand gallons of water a year.

6. Fitting and Maintaining Electrical Plugs

Like the regular homeowner, a handyman will usually steer clear of tasks requiring a deep grasp of electricity. Anyone handling electricity without sufficient knowledge is endangering their own safety. That being said, handymen are usually capable of performing simple electrical tasks like installing or repairing outlets.

7. How to Install and Maintain Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are really useful for a house. They save energy costs, provide chilly air in the summer, circulate warm air in the winter, and facilitate the constant flow of fresh air! Ceiling fans are becoming less frequent, even though they were once a fixture in every home.

8. Furniture Assembly

When people buy furniture and find out they have to assemble it themselves, it always disappoints them. Many people would prefer to assign this duty to someone else rather than attempt to pass themselves off as competent, even if the instructions are typically rather straightforward.

9. Swapping out the lamp

Although it’s not hard to change a lightbulb, there are a few circumstances when it may get challenging. Some homeowners would rather hire someone to climb up and change the lightbulbs in their chandeliers because they are too high to reach with a ladder.

10. Unclogging the toilet

This one will surprise a few people. Occasionally, ashamed clients will decide to hire a handyman instead of a qualified plumber. The best course of action is to not ask any questions when it comes to treating the blocked toilet.

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