Wednesday saw the return of the largest business expo on the Central Coast 2023

The annual EXPO at the Expo brought together more than one hundred local exhibitors at the Madonna Inn, allowing them to showcase their enterprises or products to more than two thousand attendees.

Lydia Keema, a SLO resident, told KSBY, “Now is a great time for the event because we are coming out of covid and it gives new businesses an opportunity.”

The largest business expo on the Central Coast returned to San Luis Obispo.

“Also, the resurgence of businesses that have always existed here, as well as the ability to go into summertime and take advantage of a lot of opportunities.”

In addition to gaining exposure to local customers, attendees and exhibitors were able to network with other businesses and discover services that could be beneficial to their own.

The event was hosted from 4 to 7 p.m. by the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce.

Each year, the EXPO at the Expo has a unique theme. The theme for this year was “Magic.” It was encouraged that attendees integrate magical elements into their exhibit spaces.

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