Walmart Expands Its Presence in Health Care 2023

Walmart Inc. increased the salaries of its more than 7,000 pharmacists and opticians this month, indicating its commitment to retail health care.

Walmart upped the salaries of 3,700 pharmacists to over $140,000 on May 31. Walmart claimed more than 4,000 opticians will receive raises, averaging $22.50 per hour.

That salary announcement follows a March press release in which the store announced intentions to establish 28 Walmart Health clinics next year, giving it over 75 nationwide by 2024.

“People will always get sick,” he remarked, therefore health care will rise. Clinics attract shoppers. “Pharmacies have been doing this,” Field added.

If patients need bread, milk, or aspirin while in the clinic, they’ll buy it.

Not just Walmart has increased its health care offerings. Amazon said in November that the Amazon Clinic will deliver virtual care for over 20 health issues, including allergies, acne, and hair loss, in 32 states.

Field said major firms will get a “huge payoff” if they can harness health care technology early.

Walmart’s 2019 health clinics may experience growing pains.

Walmart’s health care strategy worried Wharton School health economist Mark Pauly. “I’m a little skeptical that there’s a gold mine there for Walmart, but God bless them, let them try,” Pauly added. “I’m skeptical because primary care doesn’t make much money.”

Knee and hip replacements are profitable medical operations. “That’s where the money is,” Pauly remarked.

Walmart stated its health facilities employ physicians, dentists, and mental health professionals.

Walmart Health “is primary care for people with no serious illnesses who are on their way to picking up the African violet in the garden center and decide to drop by about a cough that won’t go away,” Pauly said.

Field said the clinic space is anticipated to grow increasingly busy with more physicians.

“There are other reasons to go to a clinic affiliated with a large retailer,” he added. “It has a pharmacy with over-the-counter drugs and all other health-related items.”

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