Valley sisters launch ball python breeding company 2023

Two Valley sisters found a creative method to make money in the summer instead of going to camp or the pool. Trinity and Tatum Jones both add something unique to their new business.

“His name is Credos,” Tatum added.

The 10-year-olds explained how their dad, Eric, initiated “Morph Explosion” with two of his snakes at 12News.

“I actually love reptiles and I begged my parents for snakes for so long and they finally got me a snake and then my dad had the idea to breed them,” Tatum said.

Trinity loves the slithering system because of the money, while Tatum prefers the long monsters that can grow to 5-6 feet.

“I really like money,” she said.

Their parents and brother Cole helped create their YouTube channel, which is fantastic news for folks looking for a low-maintenance “forever snake.”

“I wanted snake babies and now one of our snakes is pregnant,” Trinity said.

“I love snake babies,” Tatum added.

“Arizona Tortoise Compound” co-owner Juline Hermes applauds the girls’ endeavor.

“I’m very excited for these two because they’re the next generation and we need them,” she said.

Hermes, who manages the west Valley reptile farm, said the sector needs two more enthusiastic people like the twins to become involved.

“I think it’s amazing what these girls and their parents are doing, and I can’t wait to see how this goes,” she said.

The girls haven’t sold any snakes yet, but they’re ready to strike, even describing the pet.

“Ball Pythons are very chill, they will sit in your lap for a whole movie,” Tatum said.

Trinity remarked, “Her personality is more exploring because she’s super calm and doesn’t strike when scared.”

Their snakes’ prices vary, but they’re in good care till they’re adopted.

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