The police chief discusses robbery prevention 2023

The police in Birmingham are looking into four separate robberies, and they suspect that the same individual is responsible for all of them. The man is seen brandishing what seems to be a firearm in still images acquired from security camera.

Be it that someone is pointing a gun at you or that you are there in the same room while a robbery is taking place, it can be a very scary experience. According to individuals who work in law enforcement, even while you can’t totally control what people choose to do, you can nevertheless help discourage them.

According to the Chief of Police in Leeds, Paul Irwin, there have been no retail robberies in Leeds so far this year, and as a store owner, you may take preventative precautions both inside and outside of your establishment.

His most important suggestions are that you install strong lighting both inside and outside the building and that you restrict the number of entrances and exits. When there are fewer doors, personnel are better able to monitor who is entering and leaving the building.

Chief Irwin recommends, in addition, that you place cameras in visible locations and even put signs on the premises that explain that recording is taking place with the cameras and that they are active.

He adds that in addition to all of this, it is extremely vital that each and every employee is paying attention.

“If they’re vigilant and they can see the person coming in or they see a person with a mask on outside the store, then they can lock the door and prevent them from coming in, and that would be a success story,” Chief Irwin said. “That would be a happy ending.”

The police chief recommends that, in the event that you find yourself in a situation in which you are threatened by someone armed with a pistol, you hand up the cash and even demonstrate that the register is empty so that the suspect will leave as soon as possible. He believes that the value of your life much exceeds that of a few hundred bucks.

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