The new Toyota Prado won’t be ready until 2024, according to a source 2023

According to a new report from Japan, the release of the 2024 Toyota LandCruiser Prado’s next-generation model has been pushed back to the following year, a year after it was originally scheduled.

The new Toyota Prado will not arrive in Japanese showrooms until April 2024, nine to twelve months later than previously reported by Japanese media, according to a credible Japanese publication, Magazine X (via sibling site Car Sensor).

When it is supplanted in Australia, the current-generation Toyota Prado, which debuted in 2009, will be 15 years old.

The new Toyota Prado has been postponed until 2024

As previously reported, the new Toyota Prado is anticipated to adopt a variant of the new TNGA-F platform that underpins the new LandCruiser 300 Series 4WD and the US Tundra pickup.

This new-generation frame is also anticipated to underpin the upcoming 2025 Toyota HiLux generation.

In the past 18 months, there have been conflicting reports regarding the intended engines for the next Toyota Prado.

The latest report from Magazine X suggests that the LandCruiser 300 Series may not offer twin-turbo gasoline or diesel V6 power, but rather a variety of four-cylinder engines.

Other unconfirmed reports indicate a single-turbo version of this diesel V6 engine for the Toyota Prado and HiLux.

Meanwhile, Magazine X asserts that there are plans for a “electrified” variant of the new Toyota Prado. And ultimately, rather than a battery-electric model, there could be a hydrogen fuel-cell version with a hydrogen canister and an electric motor.

Magazine X makes no mention of a hybrid version, either with petrol or diesel power; however, other reports from Japan indicate that hybrid power is planned for the standard Toyota Prado in close proximity to its introduction.

In Japan, there will be a choice between 2.7-litre non-turbo and 2.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engines – the latter from other Toyota and Lexus vehicles, where it produces up to 205kW/430Nm – and a diesel engine of some kind.

The insider said the 2.8-liter turbo diesel four-cylinders fate is unknown.

According to Magazine-X, the new Toyota Prado will be 100mm longer and 5mm wider than the model it replaces, with aesthetics described as having “a boxy square tone” and the same vertical grille bars as the existing model.

According to the publication, the cabin will feature an infotainment screen with communication-type navigation, as well as a digital key that can be used as a smartphone instead of a key.

If the most recent Toyota models are any indication, premium variants will feature a 12.3-inch infotainment interface and a 12.3-inch digital instrument display, along with wireless Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto.

According to the Japanese website Creative Trend, the new Prado could be renamed “LandCruiser 250 Series” in its domestic market.

However, this is not supported by the Magazine X report or any other coverage of the new model in Japanese media over the past 18 months.

According to the most recent report by Magazine X, the 2024 Toyota LandCruiser Prado will hit Japanese showrooms in April 2024.

Toyota has not confirmed the overseas allegation, but if it is accurate, the first models may be available in Australian showrooms before the end of the year.

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