The Needle Is Threaded on Sewing Machine Servicing at Bemidji’s A Stitch in Time 2023

Almost 18 years after its inception, it would not be an exaggeration to assert that A Thread in Time has sewed and grown. The Bemidji firm has risen to prominence in the sewing, embroidery, and quilting communities from its humble origins as a sewing machine store.

“Our business has expanded to the point where we now manufacture a large number of quilting machines, embroidery machines, and industrial sewing machines.” remarked the proprietor of A Stitch in Time, Jay Stauffer.

Thread, transfer paper, cloth, and vinyl sheets are just a few of the many creative supplies available at this business.

Also, A Stitch in Time offers in-house repair services to ensure that no machine meets an unsightly end.

“We service between 2,000 to 3,000 machines every year,” stated Stauffer. “We put on approximately 20,000 miles per year performing in-house servicing, largely for industrial equipment that we sell or long-arm quilting machines that we serve across northern Minnesota.”

In addition to selling sewing machines and the accessories that accompany them, A Stitch in Time provides clients with tuition on how to operate the machines so that they may do so effectively.

A Stitch in Time’s Sales Manager, Keith Johnson, remarked, “For me, it’s a lot of fun because I get to play with some extremely high-tech toys.” “Then I get to present these high-tech toys to my consumers, who are like, ‘I had no idea this was possible; I had no idea I could do this at home.'” It’s a lot of joy to study with them and to share what I’ve learned with them.

Ultimately, “A Stitch in Time” was founded in order to establish a relationship between business and consumer, as well as with the community.

“My love still lies in interacting with people; I enjoy having them come in, determining their requirements, and providing a product to meet those needs.” elucidated Stauffer

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