The Justice Department’s ad tech action follows a Google antitrust complaint 2023

The complaint brought by the Justice Department against ad tech companies comes on the heels of a previous lawsuit that accused Google of breaking antitrust law in order to retain its dominant position in the search market.

On Monday, the parent company of Google, Alphabet, requested a federal judge in the United States to throw out a lawsuit filed by the Justice Department. The case alleges that the search engine improperly abused its dominant position in the internet advertising market.

In the advertising technology litigation that was initiated in January by the federal government and eight states, the government had contended that Google ought to be compelled to sell its ad management suite. Google has said that it did nothing improper.

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia Judge Leonie Brinkema is presiding.

The Justice Department’s action against ad tech follows a separate complaint filed in2020, at the conclusion of the Trump administration, which accused Google of breaching antitrust law to retain its search dominance. The trial for that case is scheduled to begin in September.

Under the tenure of Vice President Joe Biden, efforts have been made to strengthen antitrust enforcement. In addition to the lawsuit against Google, it also faces a significant number of problems over mergers.

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