The Greatest Coffee Mugs and How to Pick Them

How you enjoy your coffee might change significantly depending on the coffee cup you use. For many people who use manual coffee makers, making coffee is a ritual rather than merely a regular habit. A cherished coffee cup is a component of that routine. Nothing beats having a thick, porcelain diner-style coffee cup in the morning (or afternoon, or evening, for that matter) for my morning brew.

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There are a few factors to take into account if you are deliberately searching for a new favorite coffee cup, even if the majority of coffee mug selections are relatively coincidental (gifts, haphazard purchases at coffee shops, and tech conference swag).

I’ll be talking about the several factors you should take into account in this post while looking for a cup or mug to carry your priceless hand made coffee. I’ll also be suggesting some of my favorite designs to help you narrow down your options.

I would be interested in knowing what features you seek for in a coffee cup and where you got your favorite mug. If there are any mugs that belong on my list, please let me know.

Some Things to Take Into Account When Buying a Coffee Mug

Everybody has a distinct favorite cup to sip coffee from. When it comes to individual coffee cup preferences, there are no right or wrong answers, but there are a few things to think about.

Overall Beauty

Although each of shape, design, color, and material has its own category, they are all included in the larger category of aesthetic appeal.

When selecting a coffee cup, appearance should be taken into consideration. Like they say. It is said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” thus you ought to have a happy-making coffee cup (The Life-Change Magic of Tidying Up, anyone?).

Whether it has a clever quote, a sentimental pattern, or is a cup worthy of its own Instagram account, the most important thing to look for in a favorite mug is whether or not you enjoy the way it looks.


Function is a broader category that encompasses some of the lesser ones, much as aesthetics. Consider the environments and situations in which you love drinking coffee as well as the qualities you value in a cup.

Do you mostly sip coffee while on the go? Consider getting a travel thermos or a mug that fits in the cup holder of your automobile. In search of a Travel Mug?-Here are a few travel mugs to think about (also see the Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug).

Are you trying to find a camping mug? Consider its robustness and compatibility with your coffee’s outside brewing procedure.

Are you a working parent who finds it difficult to wash your dishes by hand? Choose a coffee cup that is dishwasher safe, robust, and maintains the warmth of your brew.


A coffee cup’s design contributes significantly to its appeal, yet shape is more than just aesthetics.

Choose a mug that is easy to hold and pleasant to sip from. Naturally, each person’s version of this will appear different, but consider your preferred method of holding your mug—between two hands, by the handle, or??? A coffee mug’s form should adhere to that custom.

In addition to other aspects, a coffee mug’s form may influence the overall functionality of the cup as well as the flavor of the coffee (yes, various containers can produce different tastes).

A coffee cup’s form will greatly influence how well it works and if it’s the perfect shape for you. A tall, slender mug won’t work well for someone who drinks tiny cups of coffee, a shallow mug with a big mouth won’t work well for someone who loves their coffee warm but doesn’t drink it quickly, and a massive coffee mug won’t work well for someone who drinks tiny cups of coffee.


You may think that the color of your coffee cup only belongs in the “Coffee Mug Aesthetics” category, and generally speaking, it does. You should select a coffee cup that you enjoy the way it looks, as I indicated before.

It is important to note, though, that some study indicates your perception of the flavor of coffee may also be influenced by the color of your coffee cup. According to a 2014 research, coffee tasted differently when consumed from a white cup.

Although I wouldn’t get too caught up in it, this is nonetheless intriguing and important to note.


Your coffee mug’s composition may affect everything, including how it tastes, retains heat, and should be maintained.

The most common type of coffee mugs are ceramic ones, but you may also get glass, enamelware, and even stainless steel options.

My preferred material is ceramic, however I do like the porcelain Lino cup described before. The majority of ceramics are dishwasher safe, quite sturdy, and enjoyable to sip coffee from.

Personally, I don’t think stainless steel or enamelware make good everyday coffee mugs. The sensation of drinking from either is unpleasant to me, and the coffee tastes a bit different in metal cups.

Glass is a good option for a mug, but once more, I’m not a fan. For the most part, this is an aesthetic choice.

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