The city of Loves Park has been thriving economically 2023

The city of Loves Park is doing all possible to attract companies and maintain economic growth.

According to business owners in Loves Park, citywide traffic is growing, which means more people are visiting their establishments.

The executive director of The Parks Chamber, Duncan Geddes, stated, “It’s been enjoyable to witness the growth of business and to visit both current and new firms.”

The Parks Chamber of Commerce, which represents Machesney Park and Loves Park, asserts that it supports all companies and hopes to attract new entrepreneurs to the region.

Geddes stated that there are a range of major and small firms. There has been significant development along the I-90 Riverside corridor.

Greg Jury, the mayor of Loves Park, states that the success of companies around the city is so crucial because the city does not collect property tax.

“Bringing in businesses that generate sales tax helps us deliver excellent public safety and also excellent public works,” added Jury.

According to the jury, the local council works closely with companies to get things done swiftly.

Jury stated, “As long as we can keep our businesses and inhabitants safe and our companies are profitable, we will be successful.”

Nicholas Fosberg, owner of Fozzy’s Bar and Grill, says he enjoys running a business in Loves Park and encourages other entrepreneurs to move there.

Fosberg stated, “It is business-friendly, has a pleasant neighborhood, and is kept clean.” I have nothing negative to say about conducting business in Loves Park.

Brent Beehler, owner of Brent’s Barbershop and Easy Tiger Food Truck, notes that Loves Park is advancing in the vicinity of his business.

In the past three years, if you drive up North Second Street, you can see that all of the buildings have begun to be revitalized, as stated by Beehler.

Beehler says his favorite aspect of running companies in Loves Park is the community’s and city’s unwavering support.

Geddes asserts that a flourishing economic climate benefits the entire community, not just company owners, but also inhabitants.

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