Talmix and Khibraty collaborate to redefine MENA on-demand business talent 2023

Talmix and Khibraty formed a strategic agreement to provide MENA organizations a unique business and consultancy talent experience. This relationship reflects the region’s growing need for specialized talents and the rising adoption of on-demand approaches to expand the workforce.

Talmix and Khibraty combine experience, networks, and new platform technologies to provide clients a comprehensive and simplified solution, maximizing Khibraty’s extensive regional knowledge and Talmix’s talent network.

Clients now have a larger talent pool and a more efficient hiring process.

“We are thrilled to embark on this strategic partnership with Khibraty,” stated Talmix CEO Sandeep Dhillon. Talmix’s worldwide network of great business people and Khibraty’s extensive knowledge and presence meet the MENA region’s growing need for specialized expertise.

This will change how companies hire on-demand people and flourish in this fast-changing market.”

Khibraty, a MENA digital marketplace with a deep awareness of local dynamics, is a perfect partner for Talmix to expand its footprint in the area.

“This partnership is a game-changer for businesses in the MENA region,” said Khibraty COO Caroline Ayoub. We’re creating the region’s talent solution with Talmix to maximize local talent upskilling.

Our common aim to increase extended workforce utilisation will enable us to provide transformational solutions to customers and advance the MENA business environment.”

Talmix and Khibraty are members of the Freelancer First Study Group, a group of 15 platform CEOs founded by industry thought leaders Jon Younger and Matt Mottola to help the millions of freelancers who make the freelance revolution possible succeed financially, professionally, and personally.

Sandeep Dhillon added, “This group has provided a clear direction to support and develop independent talent and it has been an honour to participate, and the establishment of this partnership shows that collaboration is a vital component in driving this success.”

Talmix and Khibraty are bringing world-class business skills to the MENA area, helping businesses to expand sustainably.

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