TABOO Gets $10M to Expand Innovative Blockchain Platform 2023

TABOO, an adult entertainment and media network, raised $10 million at $250 million in a private family office-led investment round. The investment will support platform development, product innovation, security upgrades, marketing, and acquisitions.

TABOO has grown rapidly by using blockchain and NFTs to change content production, curation, and distribution. TABOO hopes to gain market share and become a worldwide crypto leader with this money.

TABOO’s innovative approach to content generation and delivery impressed private office investing.

TABOO CEO James remarked,

TABOO Raises $10M to Further Develop Their Groundbreaking Blockchain Platform

We’re excited to get this investment to grow TABOO. Blockchain and NFTs are the future of adult entertainment, and we are leading the way. We’ll become a household name with this investment.”

In Q1, TABOO onboarded four more Taboo models and grew tokens 1000%. Fans are excited for TABOO’s largest event of 2023, the Taboo Mansion Event. The platform also offers an e-commerce and on-ramp marketplace.

TABOO will also announce a relationship with a Tier 1 CEX, which will increase its impact in the adult entertainment market. TABOO’s investors and community are reassured by these developments.

TABOO’s usage of blockchain technology and NFTs has attracted investors and industry professionals, offering users a safer and more efficient option. The platform’s creative content generation and delivery has enabled its quick growth and established it as a major player in adult entertainment.

TABOO’s newest funding round bodes well for the platform. Its use of blockchain and NFTs in content generation and delivery distinguishes it from competitors. Onboarding more models, creating a new marketplace with e-commerce, and preparing for its biggest event of 2023, the Taboo Mansion Event, will strengthen the platform’s standing in the industry.

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