Smart tips for an easy visa application!

Even if planning a trip abroad might be a “mixed bag” of emotions, there are a few helpful ideas you can take to guarantee a smooth application process and submit your visas in a wise manner. These are some of them that guarantee you will enjoy a hassle-free and timely visa application experience!

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Apply as soon as possible

You may apply in advance for a visa in the same way that you would for a theater ticket to see the newest blockbuster film (spoiler alert: Avengers Endgame is the best movie ever!). It may surprise you to learn that the majority of nations grant visas up to ninety days prior to the intended trip date. Thus, there’s no reason to wait until the last minute when you may apply as soon as possible, bearing in mind the anticipated trip date and the typical processing delays. By doing this, you can be sure that when you submit your applications on time, your sole thought will be to relax.

Recognize the turnaround times.

“What is happening to my visa application?” is a key concern that generally crosses your mind once you submit the paperwork, especially as the departure date approaches. Within 24 hours of filing, gul-travelexperts guarantees that the relevant consulate or embassy receives your official papers. However, it’s crucial to remember that the processing time for visas varies per nation. On their websites, you may verify these dates along with a plethora of other crucial details, which will help you organize your visa application well in advance. Another thing to keep in mind is that because so many applications are filed during the busiest travel times, the processing of visas may take longer than expected.

Cross the papers from the list.

Did you know that on our website (, you can obtain a thorough checklist of the supporting documents needed for visa applications for every nation that gul travelexperts serves? Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork to send with the properly completed application form in order to guarantee a seamless submission procedure. Regularly verifying the validity of your passport is always beneficial, as several nations demand that it remains valid for six months after the date of return.

Arrive at your appointment on time.

“Better late than never” was not the right slogan to use when applying for a visa! You may need to make an appointment with the Visa Application Center in order to submit an application for certain of the countries you intend to apply for a visa to. It is strongly advised that you arrive at the center fifteen minutes early to secure your slot, once it has been arranged. You may also use the Prime Time Appointment service, which lets you schedule an appointment outside of regular business hours in some centers, if you have an urgent need to travel or if you missed your scheduled appointment. Kindly verify if this service is appropriate for your visa application by contacting the Visa Application Center.

Follow up on your visa application.

You may monitor the status of your application using the online tracking feature provided by gul-travelexperts once it has been filed. The moment your passport is prepared for pickup or delivery, the status will be updated. Please be aware that after the application is filed, gul-travelexperts has no control over its advancement and is unable to monitor its status while it is at the embassy or consulate.

Extra advice

Services that are optional

Almost anything you want can be found easily and conveniently in today’s fast-paced world, so why should applying for a visa be any different? With a wide range of cutting-edge and unique optional Value-Added Services, gul-travelexperts has the ideal answer for any one of its clients. With our optional Value-Added services, which are tailored to each individual’s visa requirements, you can apply for a visa at your convenience using the Visa At Your Doorstep service, receive personalized assistance while submitting applications in the comfort of a posh lounge with the Premium Lounge service, walk in without an appointment, or get help filling out forms. All of these options will ensure a seamless experience.

Please be aware that clients are not required to subscribe to these services; rather, they are optional. Before choosing to use these services, we advise you to read the Disclaimer section as well. So, why do you hesitate?

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