Sacked Meta HR claims she was paid Rs 1.5 crore to do nothing for 6 months 2023

Despite the recent software industry cutbacks, Meta and Salesforce employees have being paid without meaningful employment. In a TikTok video, former Meta recruiter Madelyn Machado said she was paid $190,000 (about 1.5 crore) for doing “nothing” for six months.

Other IT corporations also compensate people without significant employment. Britney Levy, another former Meta employee, likened the company’s hiring methods to “collecting Pokemon cards,” with people stockpiled regardless of their job duties. Levy revealed her struggle to obtain work at Meta on TikTok. Tech companies may have overhired during the epidemic to meet demand for tech-based solutions.

Meta layoffs

Mark Zuckerberg announced thousands of layoffs last November. In March 2023, he announced more layoffs. Meta has cut approximately 20,000 employees worldwide, including India. Zuckerberg accepted full responsibility for laying off thousands of people. During the pandemic, Meta overhired to fulfill demand, according to the CEO.

Zuckerberg announced the second round of layoffs in late April and late May for tech and business units, respectively. Over the next two months, org leaders will disclose reorganization plans to flatten our orgs, eliminate low-priority projects, and reduce hiring rates.

Former Meta recruiter Madelyn Machado alleged she was paid $190,000 (1.5 crore) for six months doing “nothing” in a TikTok video.

With fewer hiring, I had to cut our recruiting crew. “We will let recruiting team members know tomorrow whether they’re impacted,” he wrote in an email to colleagues.

Meta will pay all affected employees. Zuckerberg promised 16 weeks of base severance pay and two weeks every year of service in the same emails. The software company has offered six months of health coverage for laid-off workers and their families.

Meta, Google, Amazon, and others are laying off thousands of workers. Amazon laid off again recently. Google may lay off thousands more workers in another round of layoffs, according to sources.

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