Ritchie Industries is lauded as the leading exporter 2023

Ritchie Industries in Conrad received an SBA export award. The firm won the 2023 SBA Small firm Exporter of the Year for Iowa and Region VII on Tuesday.

“We’re recognizing the international trade component of their work,” said Gabriel Esparza, associate administrator of the SBA Office of International commerce. “They export well worldwide.”

Esparza said Ritchie is Iowa’s national and regional exporter of the year.

Esparza stated 99 percent of US enterprises are tiny. 33 million American small companies account for 50% of employment and 40% of GDP. How large is trade? US exports total $3 trillion, up from pre-pandemic levels. This medal honors all Ritchie employees.”

Ritchie CEO Robert Admundson thanked everyone.

“We do this every day,” he continued. We do this. We like doing it and expanding that process.”

Ritchie exports 22% of sales to Canada, Europe, Japan, and the Middle East. Amundson stated they will sell to South America and Australia soon.

Jayne Armstrong, Iowa SBA district director, told the awards crowd that Ritchie had matured and conquered hurdles in the past few years.

She congratulated Admundson on her tenacity throughout the epidemic, which was difficult for many small companies and manufacturers. “Your years here and your impact on the farming community.”

Amundson educated the small gathering about Ritchie product production during a tour of the 140,000-square-foot factory. Ritchie uses local Iowa firms like Ryerson in Marshalltown to create their goods wherever feasible.

Conrad makes insulated, heated, and free-flowing animal watering tanks. The tanks are weatherproof and can hold cattle, horses, hogs, goats, and more.

Tanks range from single stalls to 500-head cattle fountains. Some goods are freestanding, while others are linked to stalls or fences.

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