Priceline will use Google Cloud’s AI technology= 2023

Priceline, an online travel firm with headquarters in Norwalk, has revealed that it intends to implement generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology from Google Cloud throughout all aspects of its company, including those that directly interact with customers.

Customers will soon be able to interact with a brand new chatbot that is driven by generative artificial intelligence, and they will also begin to see more tailored options while looking for hotels all around the world, as stated by the firm.

Priceline will use Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence technology.

The business also mentioned that its workers would have better access to internal information and will see increases in their productivity as a result of the incorporation of AI automation of labor-intensive coding and content generating operations.

This summer will mark the beginning of the rollout of Priceline’s initial Google Cloud generative AI installations.

“Priceline is plotting a course to turn the gimmick of generative AI into long-term value for both our customers and our company,” the company said in a statement. According to Marty Brodbeck, Chief Technology Officer of Priceline, “We believe it’s not just about having the latest technology; it’s also about practically targeting innovation to the right challenges and opportunities.”

Having the latest technology is only part of the equation. “With Google Cloud as our AI innovation partner, we are doubling down on our commitment to delivering the quickest, most seamless, and most informative booking experience for our customers. This includes everything from personalized planning and travel inspiration to customer service.”

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