PharmaBlock Opens Pennsylvania R&D Facility for GMP Projects 2023.

PharmaBlock (300725. SZSE), a global, fully integrated CDMO focused on innovative chemistry and low-carbon manufacturing, opens its West Chester, Pennsylvania R&D facility. The facility expands the company’s US footprint and improves process R&D and clinical-stage GMP project delivery to global partners.

PharmaBlock USA Expands Global Footprint and Enables GMP Projects

The new West Chester location has four acres and 30,000 ft2 of lab space. The site has well-established process R&D labs, GMP suites, clean rooms, and GMP analytical labs. The new site allows flow, micro-packed bed hydrogenation, and solid-state chemistry.

PharmaBlock opened its US sales and customer support center in the Bay Area of California in 2012. The Hatfield, Pennsylvania process R&D facility opened in 2017. Hatfield has process R&D and GMP kilo-labs in 15,000 ft2. This site supplied API and GMP projects to US clients. PharmaBlock USA needs the West Chester site to deliver clinical-stage API projects.

In 2024, West Chester will open a GMP intermediates and APIs manufacturing facility with 500 L to 2,000 L reactors.

“We are pleased to celebrate the grand inauguration of our new research center, which represents a significant milestone for our organization,” stated PharmaBlock (USA), Inc. President Dr. Jing Li. We look forward to continuing to innovate and advance in this state-of-the-art facility.

PharmaBlock is strengthening supply chain resilience by expanding globally. PharmaBlock offers fully integrated CMC solutions for intermediates, RSMs, APIs, and medicinal products from discovery through commercialization at its Chinese R&D and GMP production facilities. PharmaBlock wants to grow globally.

Sustainability Commitment

At the ribbon-cutting event, a conference on Green Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Research and Production featured notable academics and pharmaceutical industry figures. Speakers discussed green chemistry’s recent advances and their effects on industry and the environment.

PharmaBlock invests in many areas to promote business sustainability. PharmaBlock’s sustainability approach includes globalization, green chemistry, and technological innovation.

The company’s flow chemistry, micropacked bed hydrogenation, biocatalysis, heterogeneous catalysis, and other solutions minimize carbon footprint, handle chemical difficulties, and make pharmaceutical manufacture more efficient and safer. PharmaBlock has used these technologies in lab, industrial, and commercial operations. PharmaBlock USA also uses breakthrough technology.

“We will keep investing in technology innovation, which will fundamentally change the way of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing,” said

Dr. Minmin Yang, Founder and Chairman of PharmaBlock, at the Green Chemistry Symposium. “Many of our partners have been benefitted from these innovative solutions, and I believe incorporating technology innovation in our globalization strategy will continuously create values for our global partners.”

About PharmaBlock

PharmaBlock (300725.SZSE), a global, fully integrated CDMO, develops and manufactures medicinal substances and products from development to commercialization. PharmaBlock has worked with nearly all of the top 20 pharmaceutical firms and hundreds of small to medium-sized biotech startups since 2008.

Its ever-changing purpose is to improve goods and services through chemistry and low-carbon technologies in R&D and production, and eventually to help partners to speed medication discovery and development and bring novel compounds to market quickly.

PharmaBlock USA, Inc.

PharmaBlock, a major provider of revolutionary chemical products and services for pharmaceutical R&D and commercial production, owns PharmaBlock (USA), Inc.

In late 2017, the business inaugurated its R&D center in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. West Chester, Pennsylvania became its second R&D facility in 2023. PharmaBlock (USA), Inc. offers North American clients intermediate and API process R&D. The US team used flow chemistry and micropacked bed hydrogenation to create breakthrough solutions with PharmaBlock China’s Technological Innovation Center.

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