Nuno Pereira, Bestfly Chairman and Group CEO, Announces Renewed Board and Leadership Structure, Building on Bestfly’s Growth 2023

Today, Bestfly announced a change in its board and leadership structure by appointing Sameer Adam and Stephan Krainer as Executive Board Directors in order to support the company’s robust development and expand the group’s aviation businesses.

“In 2009, Bestfly began as a ground-handling company in Angola. Since then, the company has expanded into a global aviation group with operations based out of Aruba, Portugal, Cape Verde, Austria, UAE, Congo, Guyana, and Senegal by the end of 2023.

Sameer Adam joins Bestfly Aviation Group as Executive Board Director

Bestfly’s Chairman and Group CEO, Nuno Pereira, remarked, “We have built a solid foundation with a diversified business in the VIP executive aircraft, commercial aircraft, oil & gas support, and ground support segments.”

This has resulted in strong revenue verticals; therefore, we are adding two excellent individuals to an already strong executive board and leadership, whose valuable experiences will further enhance our activities.

As part of the revised leadership structure, the new Board Directors will assume the following executive responsibilities:

Sameer Adam (Canadian) has joined Bestfly as Executive Board Director to supervise all fleet strategy, business development, and aircraft financing for business aircraft, commercial aircraft, and helicopter operations. In recent years, Bestfly has expanded its operations and built a solid customer base across multiple markets, necessitating a higher level of expertise to grow our fleet based on the optimal strategy that aligns with our growth strategy.

Stephan Krainer (Austrian) adds Executive Board Director for Bestfly to his duties as CEO of Primus Aero. Primus Aero, a company based in Austria, provides CAMO and other maintenance services to numerous operators, including Bestfly. The group’s ability to administer a diversified fleet based on multiple continents has been bolstered by the increased efficiencies brought about by an in-house CAMO partner.

Sameer Adam and Stephan Krainer join existing board members Nuno Pereira (President), Alcinda Pereira (Vice President), Helder Rosa, Nuno Sandao, and Americo Borges.

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