New motorcycle experience business 2023

A number of firemen in Birmingham have the ambitious goal of launching the next successful business in “The Magic City.”

Jermaine Johnson, together with a colleague from the Birmingham Fire Department and an old friend from his time playing football at Alcorn State University, launched Zip Trip Rentals around eighteen months ago.

Slingshots, which are three-wheeled motorbikes, have been made available for rent as a means by which tourists may learn about Birmingham and by which locals can just have a good time out on the town.

“I’m referring to married couples and visitors from out of town. Last week, we hosted a business retreat for a firm that was here visiting from out of town. According to Johnson, “They planned a day full of activities, and they chose us to be one of the activities to do during that day.”

This new venture provides exciting opportunities for motorcyclists.

Johnson claims that he and his colleagues came up with the idea after observing other firms that were similar to theirs in cities such as Houston and Miami. Now, they are attempting to provide others in Birmingham a similar experience to the one they had.

“The average journey, which is something that is contemporary, banal, or regular, transforms into an experience even when you’re simply heading home. The atmosphere in the downtown area is very unique. When we invite folks to come out, one of our favorite things to say is, “Come out, do your daily routine, but experience it with a Slingshot.”

Johnson claims that he and his business partners founded the company using their own money. Now, they want to add more vehicles to their fleet than the four that they now have and build a storefront site, so they are searching for outside assistance.

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