New agriculture business in Hopkins Co 2023

In an effort to make farming simpler, CLASS is establishing its first “Farmpoint” center in North America in Hanson.

CLAAS is a German manufacturer of agricultural equipment, but they’re not just interested in opening a store in Hanson.

Ruthann VanCleef, vice president of Hopkins County Economic Development, says they first contacted CLAAS because a local man was conversing with a friend who worked for the company.

VanCleef said, “He said, ‘Hey, I know of a project at a company that wants to relocate in our area; are you interested?'”

Hopkins County’s new agriculture industry.

In addition to selling agricultural equipment, Patricio Frangella, director of commercial development for CLASS, described their new Farmpoint system.

“More than ever, we’re able to be where our farmers need us to be and deliver parts and service to them instead of requiring them to come to our dealership,” Frangella said.

The concept is to have all of your equipment connected to your mobile devices and continuously monitored; if something malfunctions, they will come to you to fix it.

VanCleef states that CLAAS will create at least thirty new employees in the region. She claims that it was only possible because someone approached them with an idea.

VanCleef stated, “There are more employees and more families are being fed, which is great for industry and agriculture in general.” “The moral of the story is to contact us if you have a lead. We require them.”

Additionally, CLAAS hopes to expand in the region. They aim to establish a similar center in Kokomo, Indiana, in the near future.

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