Mum-of-two makes £250,000 from £5 2023

Side hustles have become popular as the cost of living problem worsens.

A 35-year-old has detailed how her firm, Bobbin and Bumble, now makes £250,000 a year because to her drive and consistency.

Emma Cattell transformed a £5 sewing machine and an idea into a £250,000 business.

After several recommendations, she purchased a highchair in March 2016, but it arrived with a striped insert cushion cover. She sought easier-to-clean options.

She acquired a £5 second-hand sewing machine at a car boot sale after finding no simple wipe covers.

She bought a meter of oilcloth and sewed the cover using her mother’s sewing abilities.

She then made wipeable high chair cushion coverings.

The mother of two told “I started posting pictures of my daughter online, not mentioning the chair cover or even promoting it – but people would notice it and ask where I had got it.

“When I told them I made it, they said, ‘You should sell them!’ I never thought chair coverings could be a business.‌

She sold her covers globally on Etsy. Iceland, the US, Australia, Tel Aviv, France, and Germany sold.

“Panic set in—I couldn’t sew,” she said. I made my first item under my mother’s careful eye! How would I place these orders?

I didn’t realize what I was getting into. I never wanted it to get this big. I started learning on the job. I was teaching myself to sew!”

Ms. Cattell worked two part-time jobs to support the firm as it grew.‌

She worked at an after-school club in the evening and subsequently at Tesco on weekends while being a stay-at-home mom.

She launched them both in 2016 and stopped them in 2018 to focus on the business. The mother of two didn’t take a cent from business until 2021 when profits were stable.‌

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