Mobile business fire on private land in Washington City 2023

On Friday afternoon, firefighters from the Washington City Fire Department responded to a call about a fire that was burning in some bushes.

According to the Public Information Officer Captain Julio Reyes, when they arrived, they discovered a trailer that was linked to a vehicle that was completely consumed in flames.

At around 2:45 in the afternoon, emergency responders were sent to the location at the intersection of 2135 East and Washington Dam Road in response to a complaint of a fire that involved an injury at the location.

According to Reyes, a young man operating a mobile pressure washing business was cleaning a dump truck at a job on private land when he was seen. It started burning when he went to put gas in the washer that was at the back of the enclosed utility trailer.

The fire was promptly put out by the crews, and the youngster received treatment at the site before being discharged by the medical staff from Gold Cross Ambulance.

“He had some singed hair but otherwise was fine,” Reyes stated to St. George News. “The trailer was entirely destroyed, and the bed of the vehicle to which it was hitched had some dents and scratches. A portion of the paint of the dump truck, which he intended to clean with a pressure washer, had also been damaged.

According to Reyes, who was the one who conveyed findings to St. George News from teams that had been on the site, the origin of the fire was still being investigated at this time.

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