Meri Burroughs becomes REV’s marketing vice president 2023

REV/REV Business is thrilled to welcome Meri Burroughs as vice president of marketing. Burroughs will manage REV’s residential and business marketing operations and define strategic marketing and communications director for the growing firm in this new role.

“Our executive team is thrilled about Meri’s arrival – especially as our organization continues growing, our service area expands, and our products continue to develop and evolve,” stated REV CEO Josh Descant. “I’m confident her experience will inspire our leadership and our marketing team’s business intelligence and creative professionals.”

Meri Burroughs is taking up the role of v.p. of marketing at REV.

“Meri’s understanding of the industry, her genuine appreciation for customers’ needs and deep business intelligence are all leadership and marketing characteristics that will benefit our entire team,” said Tressy Leindecker, REV’s senior vice president of sales and marketing.

“REV’s hiring of Meri represents not only the next step in our marketing efforts but also a critical time and the next chapter for our company.”

Burroughs will support revenue growth, develop and execute marketing programs/processes, digital marketing activities, market research, advertising, promotions, product positioning, thought leadership, and internal and external communications to support REV’s strategy as vice president of marketing.

Burroughs led and strategized teams of media and telecommunications sales professionals and managers at Cox Business and Cox Media before joining REV. Burroughs, a tech leader with a genuine and friendly personality in a commercial and impersonal sector, has spent 27 years in telecommunications and media. REV/REV Business is the parent firm of Reserve Telephone firm (RTC), EATEL, and Vision Communications.

Louisiana’s biggest locally owned telecommunications network, with over 2,836 miles of fiber, has approximately 250 years of cumulative communications service.

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