McDonald’s Temporarily Closes US Offices, Prepares Layoff Notices: Reports 2023

According to a story that was published today in the Wall Street Journal, one of the largest fast-food companies in the world, McDonald’s, will temporarily close all of its offices in the United States this week as it prepares to tell its corporate staff of a fresh wave of layoffs.

McDonald’s employees must cancel any in-person meetings this week.

The week prior, the corporation informed its workers in the United States that they may begin working from home beginning on Monday and continuing through Wednesday. According to the article, McDonald’s made the move so that it may virtually give the news of the layoffs to its employees. It is yet unknown how many employees will be terminated from their positions.

According to a letter that McDonald’s allegedly sent out in the mail, the company wrote: “During the week of April 3, we will convey significant decisions pertaining to responsibilities and personnel levels across the business.”

In addition, it has been requested of all staff members that they call off any in-person meetings that were planned for this week.

The quick-service restaurant company said in January that it will assess the levels of corporate employees as part of a revised business plan. This evaluation may result in layoffs in certain locations while it may lead to expansion in others.

The news of the layoffs is anticipated to be made public on Wednesday.

Companies are cutting more jobs as they attempt to combat a downturn in the economy throughout the world as well as increasing inflation. In recent times, a number of digital titans, including Google, Amazon, and Facebook, have implemented significant reductions in the scope of their activities.

Indians are among those who have been struck the hardest by the widespread layoffs that have occurred in the United States in the IT industry. Hundreds of employees who were working in the United States on temporary visas have been laid off and have a very little amount of time to locate new employment.

Those who possess an H-1B visa and then lose their jobs are only allowed to remain lawfully in the United States for a maximum of sixty days before being forced to leave.

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