Mahoning Valley Repopulation Strategy “Progressing” 2023

Leaders of the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber and the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments have reported that they are making progress on a repopulation strategy for the Mahoning Valley that is geared at addressing future labor demands. These leaders also have plans to roll out components of this strategy by the end of the year.

Jim Kinnick, the executive director of Eastgate, says that the program was motivated by forecasts that suggest an additional 3,000 to 5,000 employment will be available in the region by the year 2026, and that this number might expand to 20,000 jobs by the year 2030.

The partners are pursuing what Kinnick calls a “three-pronged strategy” to keep the Valley’s young people and talent in the Valley, to encourage brilliant young people to return to the Valley, and to welcome immigrants and refugees into the Valley to assist fill job gaps and repopulate the Valley. Kinnick sees this as a “three-pronged strategy.”

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