LumberjAXE debuts in Fairmont 2023

Tim Barr’s company idea was conceived during a social gathering with his buddies. Barr was visiting a location that offered axe throwing when he had the inspiration to move the activity to a location that was more convenient for him.

“We were out throwing axes one night, and I thought it’d be a great thing for Fairmont and the community,” Barr explained. “We came to the conclusion that we would put it together, and in addition to that, we would also get a nice arcade down here.”

At the beginning of June, Barr and his daughter launched their business, which is called “LumberjAXE.” Additionally, there is a bar and arcade games available for play at this location, making it appealing to visitors of all ages looking to have a good time. Barr has high expectations that ‘LumberjAXE’ will become a destination that the community can rely on for a good time.

LumberjAXE, a new axe-throwing company, has opened in Fairmont.

“It’s really important for the community to have something like this here so that we don’t have to travel far away to enjoy a night out axe-throwing or a date night, or anything like that,” Barr said. “It’s really important for the community to have something like this here.” Bring your children with you, and prepare to have a fun time.

‘LumberjAXE’ is a place where people go to have fun throwing axes, but other people come here because they find it therapeutic.

Barr claims that axe throwing is quite effective in relieving tension. There is a significant amount of beneficial physical activity involved, it is beneficial to your cardiovascular system, and it is beneficial to you in general.

In the town of Fairmont, “LumberjAXE” may be found at 308 Merchant Street.

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