Kenya Airways promotes local Pharmaceuticals 2023

Kenya Airways, the national airline of Kenya, obtained the IATA Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) Pharma certification.

The airline and Kenyan pharmaceutical sector celebrate this certification, which shows its commitment to safe and secure pharmaceutical product transit. This may affect airline news. Kenya Airways promotes local pharmaceuticals.

IATA’s CEIV Pharma Certification?

IATA’s CEIV Pharma accreditation is a global pharmaceutical transport standard. It is a quality assurance program that guarantees airlines, ground handlers, and freight forwarders handle, store, and transport pharmaceutical items to the highest standards.

Airline facilities, equipment, operations, and employee training are rigorously assessed during certification. The airline must undergo frequent audits to keep its three-year certification.

Why Does the Kenyan Pharmaceutical Industry Need CEIV Pharma Certification?

The Kenyan pharmaceutical business needs CEIV Pharma accreditation to confidently export its goods abroad. For product integrity, the certification assures pharmaceutical items are delivered under the highest quality and safety requirements.

Kenya is a major African pharmaceutical manufacturer with a rising home market and exports. Kenya Airways’ CEIV Pharma accreditation will help the sector enter new markets and compete globally.

Kenya Airways’ CEIV Certification Helps Pharma

Kenya Airways’ CEIV Pharma accreditation can help the pharmaceutical business in various ways:

  • Improved Quality and Safety: The accreditation assures that pharmaceutical items are carried with the greatest quality and safety requirements, preserving their integrity.
  • Market Access: The certification allows the sector to confidently export its products to worldwide markets, enhancing market access and competitiveness.
  • Reduced Costs: The accreditation will help the sector deliver its products more efficiently and cost-effectively.
    Improved Reputation: The accreditation would boost the Kenyan pharmaceutical industry’s image as a trustworthy provider of high-quality drugs.

IATA named KQ Cargo’s Pharma Facility a Center of Excellence.

On May 4, Independent Validators (CEIV) Pharma Certification confirmed the carriers’ competence to deliver high-value, time-sensitive, and temperature-controlled medications within standard speed and safety limits.

According to the East African Community Regional Pharmaceutical Plan of Action 2017–2027, Kenyan pharmaceutical firms make about 30% of the $73 million domestic market. However, African exports total $ 46.8 million, 0.04 percent of the potential market.

The accreditation of Kenya Airways Cargo would unlock significant market potential and give a method for tapping into it. “With the right support, these exports will drive the growth of Kenya’s pharmaceutical industry and place the country at the top of pharmaceutical export,” Murkomen added.

IATA launched the CEIV Pharma initiative to standardize the worldwide air freight supply chain based on current norms and standards. A certified carrier’s pharmaceutical product shipping meets IATA Temperature Control Regulations, international standards, and cold chain and pharmaceutical best practices.

Kenya Airways group CEO Allan Kilavuka said the accreditation will offer customers, freight forwarders, and supply chain partners confidence in the carrier’s Pharma competence. “We will improve our premium product verticals, offering long-standing temperature-controlled and time-sensitive cargo transport. “With this certification, we join a select group of international operators in reaffirming our diligence in transporting temperature-controlled and time-sensitive products via our pharma network,” Kilavuka said.

The 600sqm facility has three temperature zones: a dedicated 40 euro-pallets on the ground and an additional 2-level racking room for loose cargo storage at +15 to +25°C, a cold room for loose cargo storage at +2 to +8°C with 22 euro-pallets on the ground and additional racking, and a nine-pallet freezing room for loose cargo storage at -20°C.


Kenya Airways’ CEIV Pharma accreditation is crucial for the airline and Kenya’s pharmaceutical business. The accreditation shows the airline’s dedication to pharmaceutical product safety. It helps the sector enter new markets and compete globally. The accreditation will improve product quality and safety, market access, affordability, and the industry’s image as a trustworthy provider of high-quality pharmaceutical products.

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