Katy Fort Bend Business Park development in north Katy 2023

It should not come as a surprise that some developers are establishing smaller parks in the western Katy region since massive industrial warehouse parks continue to be constructed there.

A building like this is now being developed next to Katy Junior High School by the Houston-based National Realty Group.

The Katy Fort Bend Business Park will be located at 2304 Katy Hockley Cutoff Road and will include a total of 13 buildings spread out across about seven acres.

According to Zane Shenwari, a junior partner at National Realty Group and the project manager for the development, the complex is anticipated to open in the early years of 2024.

He stated that he has received phone calls from businesses who are considering opening up shop in that location.

“We concentrate on relatively smaller buildings for mid-size operations.” “There has been a very positive response,”

Metal will be used in the construction of the structures, while stone and EIFS will be used for the exteriors. They will have standing seam roofs and complete insulation throughout the building.

The structure will be equipped with enormous grade-level loading doors with dimensions of 14 feet by 16 feet. Dock-high loading will be supported by many structures within the complex.

The construction of an apron of 125 feet between the buildings at the complex will make it possible for semi-trailer trucks to navigate the area.

“We do development all around Houston, and so Katy is a place where we like to be,” Shenwari said. “Katy is a place where we like to do business.”

According to Shenwari, the Katy Fort Bend Business Park is the second development that National Realty Group has undertaken in the Katy region.

The first one is located at 22516-22576 Franz Road and is called the Franz Elrod Business Park. According to Shenwari, the complex is around 10,000 square feet in size and was purchased a few years ago.

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