Google restores US services 2023

A spokeswoman for Alphabet Inc.’s Google stated that the company’s services are once again available to users in the United States after a brief outage that occurred late on Tuesday night.

“There was a very brief issue affecting the availability of results for some searches, limited to the Americas region, and it was quickly addressed,” the spokesman said in an email, without revealing any other specifics on the outage. “The issue was quickly addressed,” the spokesperson said.

Over 22,000 US Google users down

According to the website, which tracks service disruptions, there were more than 22,000 users affected during the height of the outage.

Downdetector is able to monitor outages because it compiles status information from a variety of sources, including faults that users record occurring on its own platform.

According to the statistics provided by Downdetector, around 87 percent of users who were affected by the outage reported having problems with Google Search.

The number of reports of service disruption fell to 324 as of 10:21 pm Eastern Time (02:21 GMT).

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