Enoxu Names Yashwant Bolarum Business Development Director 2023

A family-owned sugar wholesaler has recruited Yashwant Bolarum to the position of Director of Business Development. Being a family-owned firm, Enoxu delights in hiring family members. Yashwant chose to continue his family’s heritage at Enoxu, where he was eventually appointed Director of Business Development. Throughout his stint at Enoxu, beginning in 2017, Yashwant has exhibited outstanding negotiation skills, gaining government bids and other lucrative contracts. He accomplished all of this while serving as the brand’s Business Development Manager. The objective is to grow commercial prospects in the MENA and APAC markets as Yashwant assumes the formal job of leading Business Development at Enoxu.

My promotion to Director of Business Development is really exciting for me, and I am pleased that my hard work with my family’s business is paying off,” said Yashwant Bolarum of his new role with Enoxu. “As Director of this division of Enoxu, I am committed to positively promoting the brand and increasing our development procedures.”

Enoxu Holdings Ltd is a multinational family-owned sugar wholesaler. It operates in several countries, including Brazil, India, and Thailand, despite its headquarters being located in London, United Kingdom. In 1919, in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Enoxu began operations. The ancestors of the family-owned business grew and processed modest quantities of sugarcane for the local population. Yet, over the course of decades, its operations gradually developed to become the corporation Enoxu is today. The name Enoxu was chosen fairly recently in 2017 and is currently the primary moniker representing the brand’s complete trade. Enoxu specializes primarily in the manufacture of ICUMSA 45 sugar, ICUMSA 150 white crystal sugar, and ICUMSA 600 – 1200 VHP sugar.

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