DC companies and consumers reduce waste and practice sustainability using app 2023

If inflation prevents you from dining out, an app could help you cut your bill in half and reduce your carbon footprint.

The majority of unsold food in restaurants and grocery stores is discarded at the conclusion of each day.

Businesses are not the only offenders. People also do it at home.

According to the American Dairy Association, the average family throws away nearly one-third of the food they purchase annually, or 250 pounds of food.

The Too Good To Go app helps households reduce food waste by allowing users to purchase surplus food from local restaurants, grocery stores, and food vendors.

The application displays a list of participating businesses with a variety of food options and the number of remaining containers at each location.

What is inside the bag is a mystery, but whatever it is costs at least a third less than the original price.

News4 purchased from three separate businesses using the app. First, a $5.99 large package of frozen empanadas. Next, a large container of hibiscus tea from a food vendor for $3.99. Finally, a complete supper with rice and chicken for only $4.99!

Since signing up in April 2022, District Taco, one of the app’s participating restaurants, has collected more than 16,000 meals that would have otherwise been wasted.

“We want to be environmentally conscious and we want to help, and you guys can get the bags for $3.99, but nothing in our bags is worth less than $11.” Keela Young, senior regional manager for District Taco, remarked, “There’s some good stuff in there.”

The zero-waste store sells non-wasteful domestic products.

A nearby business in Takoma Park, Maryland, works to reduce food waste by enabling customers to purchase domestic goods and personal care products packaged in reusable or biodegradable materials. FullFillery’s mission is to change consumers’ perspectives from a disposable culture to a zero-waste society.

Co-owner Rini Saha explained, “We sell soaps, detergents, and personal care products, and customers can bring their own containers to weigh and fill at our refill station.”

“Our laundry powder is exponentially cheaper,” she added.

Customers who frequent FullFillery report that it makes them feel good to know they contribute to a greener, more sustainable environment.

This was an entirely novel concept to me, said customer Evan Baach. “It’s incredibly convenient to be able to shop with reusable containers and use environmentally friendly products.”

A genuinely zero-waste lifestyle is nearly impossible to maintain, but every effort contributes toward a more sustainable world. Reducing waste or living without plastic can initially be overwhelming, but taking small measures will help you develop a healthy habit.

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