CorePad: The Core Network Auto-Staking Token Protocol With Huge APY Rewards 2023

CorePad’s CPAD token holders can generate an initial passive APY of 2,100,000% with Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding.

Auto-Staking Protocol for CorePad

CorePad is an Auto-Staking Token Protocol developed on CORE Chain that offers a massive APY of 2,100,000% on Auto-compound to token holders.

It is an exact replica of the safuu token protocol, but with sophisticated features such as Auto-Staking APY halving every month.

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Using the CAP Auto-Staking Protocol, holders of the $CPad Token Staking Protocol enjoy lucrative staking rewards while supply and price are maintained.

  • APY Halving Monthly

With a starting APY of 2,100,000%, the staking APY halves every 30 days, so after 30 days of commencement, the smart contract will automatically modify APY to 1,050,000%. This is to ensure that the greater the number of speculators, the lower the rewards, but the longer a token holder holds tokens without selling, the greater the rewards. This is all handled by the CorePad Token Contract.

  • Auto-Staking

You are not required to stake and secure your tokens in a contract! You simply maintain the account and receive rewards based on the current APY! 2,100,000 APY that halves monthly for twelve months!

  • Auto-Compound

You do not have to reinvest your earnings in order to earn more! It is compounding automatically in your pocketbook! This compounding effect allows diamond hands to be worth more than paper hands!

  • Auto-Liquidity

There is no longer a need for developers to manually add liquidity, which may be interrupted by unforeseeable events, as it will be performed automatically every 48 hours. It is derived from the tax fees of all active trades.

  • Auto-Burn

5% of every transaction will be perpetually burned to the deceased wallet, making it the most deflationary token on the CORE Chain! This is also accomplished automatically by the smart contract; no manual burning is required!

Why Should You Purchase And Hold CPAD Token?

A passive reward of 2,100,000% APY is available. APY is halved every 30 days, so early investors benefit the most from the protocol.

Token deflation is ensured by the automatic incineration of 5% of every sale. This increases the value of all tokens in circulation, including your own.

Project proprietors will continue to reduce the circulating supply by burning subscription tokens every month.

The theme of our auto-compounding formula is Hold for longer, earn more. Thus, diamond hands will earn more than paper hands. In addition, the auto-liquidity contract guarantees that there will always be liquidity for purchasers and sellers, regardless of pumping and dumping.

The treasury wallet also facilitates airdrop campaigns, promotions, new product development, and administration for the corePad Ecosystem’s long-term sustainability.

  • Tokenomics

Beginning Stock – 21,000,000

Private Sale – 2,000,000

Presale – 10,000,000

Liquidity – 7,000,000

Team – 1,000,000

Airdrop – one million

Supply Maximum – 2,100,000,000

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