City contributed $237,000 in rental, business help 2023

A second round of federal emergency funds received by the city this year enabled the Community Development Department to assist 124 households and 11 small businesses with rent payments.

Abby Shelton, director of community development, stated that the city provided $237,732 in assistance to tenants and small businesses. The funds originated from a second round of federal CARES Act dollars, and the city began accepting assistance applications in March.

Shelton stated on Wednesday that eligibility for the funds was “based on low-income thresholds.”

To qualify for rental assistance, a family of four had to earn $57,600 or less annually.

Shelton stated that the funds covered three months of rent for qualified tenants and provided grants of $2,500 to enterprises with five or fewer employees.

Except for personal purchases, business enhancements, taxes, government obligations, and lien payments, the business grants could be used for the majority of activities.

Shelton stated on Wednesday that spas, tiny businesses, repair shops, and furniture stores submitted applications. There were a multitude of distinct enterprises.

177 households and 12 businesses submitted applications for assistance. Shelton stated there were more requests than available funds.

“Fortunately, we were able to fund as many applications as possible,” she said, “but it’s unfortunate that we couldn’t fund all of the applications.”

The COVID-19 pandemic caused ongoing economic harm to businesses and residents, according to Shelton.

“Everything changed because of the pandemic,” she declared. Some individuals have not recovered from unemployment or are still unwell with persistent symptoms.

“We will feel the effects for a very long time.”

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