Chicago traffic: 3-year Constructing Kennedy Expressway 2023

Tuesday is the first morning of the Kennedy Expressway construction project, and the barriers are in place.

Bridge decking in poor condition has prompted the commencement of construction. Also, 36 bridge structures, overhead sign structures, new LED lights, asphalt patching, and more will be fixed.

IDOT personnel began installation overnight. Two left lanes have been reduced between Montrose and Irving Park. By the end of this week, the extension will reach Hubbard’s Cave.

Reconstruction of the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago

The $150 million, three-year project will be completed in three parts. This year, the incoming lanes will be constructed, followed by the reversible lanes in 2024 and the outbound lanes in 2025.

The express lanes will stay inbound for the duration of the first phase of the renovation, which is expected to last one year.

Maria Castaneda, a spokesperson for the IDOT, stated, “Those inbound Kennedy travelers will obviously be impacted, and so will the outgoing vehicles during those times when you would typically have those extra two lanes, such as during the afternoon and evening rush hours.”

Whenever possible, the IDOT encourages leaving earlier or staggering your departure times. Alternatively, CTA and Metra might be viable alternatives. Even additional trains are being added to Metra’s UP Northwest Lines.

Eisenhower Freeway and DuSable Lake Shore Road are two further potential choices.

The freeway, which is 63 years old, has not undergone substantial renovations in nearly 30 years.

IDOT will implement “smart work zones” with variable message signs to keep motorists informed of events and travel delays.

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