Buyer’s Guide for Cruiser Bikes

We lay down all you need to know about cruiser motorcycles in all of its varieties in our buyer’s guide.

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We’ll cover the fundamentals of what they are, describe the many varieties, highlight the best brands and models, and address frequently asked issues along with topics like frame and wheel size.

Find the ideal cruiser bike for you by reading on or using the menu navigation buttons!

A cruiser bike is what kind of bike?

Although there are several varieties of cruiser bikes (more on that later), the general concept is that they are comfortable, upright bikes that are ideal for leisurely riding on quiet streets and bike lanes. These bikes are all about having fun, as seen by the distinctive frame shapes and colors.

What and who is the ideal user of a cruiser bike?

For those seeking a light workout and some fresh air on gentle terrain, cruiser bikes are ideal. These bikes won’t win you any races, but you’ll enjoy yourself immensely and be comfortable the entire way. Cruisers are fantastic for trips around the neighborhood with the kids, for joyrides down the boardwalk, and for some commutes to the grocery store and work.

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