Businesses will integrate AI 2023

I was short on time and ideas when I last wrote this piece. I was testing ChatGPT as a writing tool.

Its natural language output makes it even more amazing. The more detailed the prompt, the more precise. I had it write my column! That column was generic, but it fit my purposes and was easy to write.

This week, I met with an AI software integration company that works with Premier, a local Chamber Member, to discuss solutions that could help us accomplish tasks and make informed decisions.

This world will arrive. In the near future, our computing power will so intimately integrate with corporate processes that huge multinational organizations will use customized marketing. Even our tiniest firms should investigate how technologies like these may benefit them.

There will soon be AI (Artificial Intelligence) implementation in corporate settings.

The Chamber is considering this instrument for several purposes. First, in our Economic Development efforts, we want AI to look for trends in businesses that are expanding to new locations by looking at communication, stock prices, and other data trends in the months leading up to those announcements so we can market directly to them. We then ask the tool to create a personalized marketing strategy for that firm based on their present and future needs.

Finally, we want the platform to find important players’ contact details online and initiate outreach. In minutes or hours, build a robust list of qualified leads in many sectors. We can achieve this in minutes, when a team would have taken weeks.

Many organizations can generate leads, execute orders, and customize marketing campaigns. Early adopters of these technologies will benefit greatly.

Consider AI’s benefits for you, your team, and your company’s bottom line as you plan your business’s future. Start by putting “Write me a column about Leadership in Marshalltown, Iowa in 600 words” into ChatGPT and discover what magic your company can create.

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