Business Partnerships with Traveling Art Pub 2032

Over the past decade, the Traveling Art Pub has expanded from central Minnesota to the northwest, seeking to support not only local artists but also other small businesses.

The Traveling Art Pub is found everywhere, from International Falls to central Minnesota. The Traveling Art Pub combines art education and community connections with the aim of bringing together individuals and enterprises. Last week, a similar gathering was conducted at WineDown Wine Bar in Walker.

It is what some refer to as a mobile art studio.

“I sit in front of individuals. I also paint alongside them. Amanda Davenport, a creative facilitator for the Traveling Art Pub, explained, “I explain exactly what I’m doing.” “They assist me in painting. Sometimes the outcomes are quite similar to mine, and sometimes they do their own thing.”

Studio locations for the Traveling Art Pub are in Bemidji and Walker. By collaborating with local retailers, commerce is provided not only to them, but also to their partners.

Since we opened in 2019, we have hosted Traveling Art Pub, according to WineDown’s event coordinator, Serena Walters.

The Traveling Art Pub will host events at both the WineDown Nisswa and Crosslake locations.

While participants leave with a piece they’ve created, creative guides and business proprietors earn valuable experience for each art pub.

“When I began this position, I never imagined I would want to become a teacher,” Davenport said. People who are genuinely astonished by what newcomers accomplish are my favorite.

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