Beginner’s Guide to Doing Your Eyebrows Like a Pro

Searching for jaw-dropping brows? We have everything covered. Your eyebrows are a frequently disregarded facial feature that, depending on how you style them, may frame your face and, depending on how broad they are, make your eyes appear more alert and wide.

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Define your brows may be scary, especially whether you’ve never used an eyebrow pencil or have been plucking and styling your brow hair for a long time. But don’t worry, it’s actually rather simple to create flawless eyebrows. The secret is to make the most of what you have and stick to your natural eyebrow shape.

You can learn how to style your brows like a pro makeup artist in five easy stages by following along below. And these tips for growing larger eyebrows can come in handy quickly for individuals who truly want to lift their natural brows to new, bolder heights (think Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins).

The Items You’ll Need for Eyebrow Maintenance

Firstly, you will need to prepare your equipment. We’ve gathered the supplies and equipment you’ll need for good grooming.

A brush for eyebrows. To aid with accurate eyebrow application, look for an angled eyebrow brush, such as the BILLION DOLLAR BROWS Eyebrow Brush. Bonus: this brush may be used for both grooming and blending because it includes a spoolie brush on the other end.

Tweezers. Whether you have extremely sparse or thick and coarse brows, these ARACELI BEAUTY Precisión Tweezers with their super-precise angled tip and precision slanted and pointed tips will allow you effortlessly shape your brows and snag rogue brow hairs like a genuine brow specialist.

Pencil for eyebrows. For creating hair-like strokes when filling in your brows, we find that precision pencils like ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Brow Wiz® (available in 12 shades to suit every brow color need) and UOMA Brow-Fro Baby Hair Ultra Slim Brow Defining Pencil (we love the slim, triangular tip that helps ensure control and precision) work best. These two eyebrow pencils, endorsed by Ipster, will provide the most flawless but natural-looking brows.

Brow Lotion. You may choose between clear and colored brow gel. In any case, while applying brow makeup, a high-quality brow gel is a must. To quickly shape, smooth, tame, and color your eyebrows, simply swipe the gel over your brow hair.

Brow Pomade or Powder. You have choices when it comes to brow development. Select a formula that you feel most comfortable with. We adore PATRICK TA BEAUTY Major Brow Shaping Wax in Clear’s silky, natural finish and NOMAD COSMETICS Multi-Perfection Duo Brow Powder’s two complimentary powder tones.

Underliner. To properly bring out and define the form of your brows, a highlighter is essential. HEALTH COSMETICS Even with your fingertips, High Brow Eyebrow Highlighter mixes effortlessly into the brow bones.

How to Apply Eyebrow Makeup in 5 Simple Steps

First, Determine Your Shape

Determine the contour of your eyebrows before receiving any grooming. To begin started, you can always see a professional brow stylist (or a professional who does waxing or threading) but you can also accomplish this at home using only the eyebrow brush from the above equipment.

To make the brush appear like a straight vertical line, first lay one end on the outside of your nostril and the other end at the inner corner of your eye. The front of your eyebrow should start at this point. Using your brow pencil, mark the location with a little dot, and then go over the other brow.

After that, align the brush’s tip with your pupil. Your ideal arch should be situated where the brush meets your brow. Apply another dot of your brow pencil to it, then go back and mark the opposite eye.

Finally, shift the brush’s top to the outer corner of your eye while keeping the bottom near your nostril. This is the final point on your perfect brow form. Put a dot on it and then continue on the opposite side. Once your brows are outlined, just connect all the dots!

Step 2 (Be Cautious!) Time to Tweeze

It’s time to use your tweezer to remove any hairs that fall outside of your ideal brow shape now that you’ve discovered it. You may skip this step completely if you want a bushier, more feathery brow contour.

Using the edge of your tweezers, locate the root of the hair you want to pluck, then pull in the direction that the hair grows to remove the entire section. Seek for stray animals that are visibly above or below your arches; you can hunt them down. You may also tweeze stray hairs from the region on the top bridge of your nose, which is located between your eyes.

When tweezing, be sure to alternate between the two eyebrows and quickly check yourself in the mirror after each pluck to maintain their evenness. Naturally, exercise caution when plucking and try not to become too attached to the tool. Thankfully, thin brows aren’t one of the makeup fads from the 1990s that are returning. So keep in mind that you can always go back if you discover another stray, but if you end up overplucking, it will be more difficult (and take longer) for your brow hairs to grow back.

Step 3: Use your brow gel after brushing up.

The easiest method for perfectly styled eyebrows? using brow gel, without a doubt. Applying eyebrow gel is quite quick and simple; if you’re in a hurry or want to go without makeup, you may even stop here.

Extract the mascara-like spoolie brush from the brow gel pick’s container (we use BROW ATELIER Groom & Sculpt Tinted Brow Gel’s natural color). Make sure the spoolie end is evenly coated with gel. Just wipe a small bit on the tube’s edge if the wand appears clumpy, and if it appears too bare, pump it into the tube one more.

Next, begin brushing from the inner or center corner of your brows, working your way upward and out from the root of the brow hairs. The gel will smooth down any straggling hairs and help you keep your form.

Although a clear brow gel looks really clean and natural, a tinted brow gel will assist produce some color and a firmer brow shape (they also work brilliantly to smooth down flyaways on your hair).

Step 4: Use Your Brow Makeup

Next, develop your eyebrows. Starting in the center of your brow, lightly brush the pencil upwards in short, hair-like strokes to fill in any gaps or bare areas. To replicate the small hairs that make up your brows, try to hold the pencil softly and apply little pressure. Pressing down too firmly might result in thick, blocky pigment.

It’s usually simpler to start drawing in your eyebrows from the bottom, close to the roots of your hair, and work your way upward, to resemble the natural development of your eyebrow hairs. Feel free to add more once you’ve filled in all the empty spaces to get the desired richness and definition.

Use a shade of eyebrow powder or pomade that complements the color of your brows to finish the appearance. Uncertain about the hue to choose? Generally speaking, you want to choose products that are one or two shades lighter than your eyebrow color for natural-looking eyebrow makeup (believe us, it will still look nice). Apply sparingly; if you want a stronger brow, you can always go back and apply another coat.

Step 5: Emphasize and Clarify

Use a highlighter to draw attention to the effort you just put into your brows. Your brow region may be highly defined and the form of your brows emphasized by sweeping your highlighter immediately above and below the arch. Then just use your ring finger to mix it in. Do you see any smudges surrounding your eyebrows? Apply concealer sparingly for a fast touch-up.

Beautifully styled eyebrows at your disposal. Recall that experimentation and practice are essential. There isn’t just one “correct” eyebrow style. Thus, experiment until you discover the look—or looks—that you adore.

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