AI Will Change Every Business and Organization 2023

Our world is dynamic and changing rapidly. Covid, geopolitics, social unrest, AI, social media, greed, climate change, technology, and global political instability have caused such developments. Volatility may stress people and hinder personal and organizational effectiveness. The game-changing ChatGPT-4 increased volatility significantly.

Today, technology adoption and management will determine company and organizational success, flexibility, and survival. Every business and organization will need to become a Highly Adaptive Learning Organization (“HALO”) to learn, unlearn, and relearn at the speed of technology.

Highly Adaptive Learners (“HAL”) are needed to become HALOs. Our brains are geared for efficiency and seek reinforcement of our beliefs, ego validation, and coherence of our worldviews, making it difficult. We prefer to assert rather than adjust and learn. Many of us have found that effective. ChatGPT-4 does.

ChatGPT-4’s strength, speed, and capacity to capture enormous volumes of data and instantly develop stories about that data will allow businesses and organizations to learn quicker, react faster, and build strategic competitive advantages.

Humans must learn to ask to Chat the proper questions and stress test Chat’s replies. Critical thinking will distinguish humans. If utilized improperly or by non-Highly Adaptive Learners, ChatGPT-4 can hijack thinking like social media hijacks emotions.

As technology progresses, humans will be needed to fulfill tasks it cannot.

Three task categories exist today:

  • Thinking differently from smart technology: higher-order critical thinking; moral judgments; going into the unknown and figuring things out; creative, imaginative, and innovative thinking; and making decisions in uncertain and data-poor situations.
  • excelling in building caring, trustworthy, pleasant emotional relationships with colleagues, customers, coworkers, patients, clients, etc.
  • excelling in trade tasks that need human dexterity and iterative diagnostic definitions and trial-and-error problem-solving.

Those three chores are not routine. They’re manual. Higher-order human cognitive and emotional activities.

Companies with the most Highly Adaptive Learners will win! Businesses and organizations must build a workplace that optimizes critical thinking, listening, learning, exploration, creativity, positive emotional intelligence, and collaborative collective intelligence.

It will demand employees to bring their best thinking, listening, learning, exploring, and collaborating selves to work every day. To become Highly Adaptive Learners, people must learn to take charge of their ego, mind, body, emotions, thinking, listening, learning, and relationships. Businesses and organizations that implement everyday human behaviors and instruments to attain such aims will achieve them fastest.

Most industries will be won by the quickest Highly Adaptive Learning businesses. Industry consolidation is common. ChatGPT-4 began the race. Is your race ready? Is your company ready?

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