Abilene companies give $10,000 to AISD’s Homeless Closet to prepare youngsters for school 2023

After a year of assisting students, the AISD’s closet for destitute students was looking a little barren. A second Abilene business mirrored the $5,000 donation of the first, creating a domino effect.

During a previous report, containers were empty and shelves were limited, as the AISD program had a greater demand than ever before for shoes. This scenario was enough to shatter the co-owner of Cornerstone Custom Homes, Matt Loudermilk’s heart.

Loudermilk stated, “Every child should have the opportunity to have good clothing, you know, everything they need to attend school.”

This deeply affected him because he is primarily a father

Due to these profound roots, Loudermilk and co-owner Tim Ellis were moved to contribute $5,000 to the initiative, which Hanner Chevrolet matched.

“It was heartbreaking to learn that there were so many homeless children in the Abilene school district,” Loudermilk explained. We viewed this as an excellent opportunity to assist in a desperately needed area.

According to Darrin Cox, this assistance helped the program escape a difficult circumstance. When asked how he felt about the donation, he replied, “Shoe store, watch out. “Here we are”

Cox explained, “We were hit so hard with so many needs this past year.” “We were just trying to figure out how to locate the shoes, and we’re considering purchasing socks to get us through the start of school.”

Cox stated that they will purchase undergarments, stockings, and new shoes for homeless pupils to receive at the start of the following school year using this money.

Not only did Loudermilk donate to this program, but this circumstance also inspired Cornerstone Custom Homes to establish ‘Cornerstone Cares’ with the intention of becoming more involved in assisting others.

The staff at Cornerstone Custom Homes is also encouraging attendees of this weekend’s and next weekend’s ‘Parade of Homes’ at 6617 Randy Avenue to bring shoes, undergarments, and socks to donate to the district’s program.

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