Topeka companies collaborate to clean and secure downtown 2023

Topeka’s business leaders are banding together to clear up and further secure the city’s downtown.

In a metropolis, vandalism and garbage tend to reduce morale. Nonetheless, numerous organizations in Topeka are taking the initiative to improve it.

“Everyone can see the progress we’ve made downtown, and all we need is that final push,” said Seth Wagoner, CEO of AIM Strategies. Everyone is on board, and I’m thrilled about that.

Downtown Topeka Inc., AIM Strategies, and numerous other businesses in the city’s core are forming a task force to clear the most polluted areas.

Ashley Gilfillan, president of Downtown Topeka Inc., stated, “Some of the initiatives we’re beginning can be taken to other areas of the city and possibly replicated.” And perhaps these are additional implementation measures that can be taken in other neighborhoods and areas to make them either cleaner or safer.

Having clean streets is not the only factor that contributes to a wonderful metropolis.

“It has been frustrating for some downtown business owners,” said Wagoner. “There is a great deal of minor, misdemeanor crime. The statues that were displayed behind me for one week were vandalized. It is crucial to put an end to this behavior. I believe that boosts everyone’s morale.”

As a result, some businesses are willing to provide law enforcement with additional eyeballs.

Wagoner stated, “We are collaborating with law enforcement to map our private cameras to the real-time crime center they are developing.”

The task force will convene on the 28th and 31st of July, respectively. Businesses will labor to tidy downtown alleyways and other neglected areas.

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