Top 5 Secrets To Becoming A Successful Travel Blogger in 2020

What’s A SPECIALIST Travel Blogger?

What does it mean to become a professional travel blogger? Well anyone can begin a blog and be a “blogger”. The barrier to entry for blogging is usually small, which includes both benefits and disadvantages.

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For example, there are a large number of personal travel blogs online – so standing right out of the crowd is tough.

However, my definition is definitely those who earn an excellent portion (or all) of their income from travel blogging are believed professionals. This list is a lot smaller. EASILY had to guess, I’d say a couple hundred people make decent money ($2000+ monthly) directly from their travel blogs.

Fortunately, I are actually one of these after years of trial & error wanting to turn my passion for travel right into a business. Which explains why I’ve made a decision to share a few of my best secrets with you today.

1. Create Useful Travel Content

Writing a diary of your travels for family & friends is simple, but apart from them, nobody else cares. If you would like strangers to learn your travel blog, you’ll have to provide something even more useful.

Budget travel tips, food recommendations, information on how to proceed or where you can stay, photography inspiration, video entertainment, beautiful flowing narrative, humor, etc.

Yes, it is best to “follow your passion.” Otherwise, you won’t enjoy what you’re doing. The main element is to check out your passion while also providing something of value to your readers.

2. Do Interesting Stuff!

At face value, it appears pretty basic. However when I say do interesting stuff, After all do REALLY interesting stuff.

Sensational, fascinating, or challenging stuff. The type of items that gets noticed.

Authoring your drunken full moon party experience in Thailand? Perhaps a 1 on the 0-10 awesomeness level. Kayaking in Greenland? Walking across India? Camping in Antarctica? Vacationing in Yemen? Sailing the coast of Africa?

These activities are Higher on the awesome scale, the topics are unique, and for that reason, they’re much more likely to be distributed to a larger audience.

3. Guest Posting On Other Blogs

When you initially start your travel blog, no-one will know you exist. A sensible way to change that can be to create guest posts on additional popular blogs with huge audiences, and siphon a few of their readers to you.

Not only do you want to reach a targeted audience in this manner, it also supports your branding and credibility as an authority on travel.

However, prior to going pitching other blogs for guest posts, first check to ensure they even permit them. It can help to have some type of relationship with the blogger too.

4. Rock That Social Media

Staying active on social media is important if you would like to earn your living from blogging. Nonetheless it could be a huge period suck too. My guidance is usually to be efficient with social media, don’t waste countless hours there.

I generally join once each morning to schedule posts for your day, then once more at night to react to comments.

It also pays to analyze the best occasions to create for each social networking. You could find this info in your “insights” or “analytics” areas, or use alternative party tools.

For example, I’ve discovered that posting to Facebook at 5am & 8pm EST gives me the very best results, while on Instagram, 9pm – 11pm increases results. What works for me personally may not do the job though, and it could change. Continually be testing.

5. Major Press Features

Yup, it’s period to be your own PR agent and market you to ultimately the masses by securing features in major media outlets. If you believe popular travel blogs possess large audiences, it’s nothing in comparison to what major media outlets possess. You can actively pitch your story instead of wait around for you to definitely notice you.

This is what I did so to get featured on Mashable and THE ELEMENTS Channel.

Here’s my secret formula, so that you can do the same!

  • Spend period researching media outlets that sometimes publish travel features. Especially those featuring bloggers. Focus on the authors of these articles.
  • Connect to the authors on Twitter or LinkedIn. Adhere to them. Add them to a public list. Share their articles with a mention. Ask a question. Send a compliment. But don’t be annoying.
  • Come up with a polished project/article/idea with mass appeal. A thing that many people will see fascinating, as I discussed earlier (do interesting stuff).
  • Finally, pitch them your good plan a couple of months later. I sometimes sweeten the offer by explaining that I’ll be sending out a press-release soon but wished to give them the chance to cover it 1st.