QC Chamber presents minority-owned company panel: “I’m looking forward to developing bridges.” 2023

In the face of an unstable economic climate, companies are persisting in their efforts to devise novel strategies for surviving.

Thursday, March 16th, at the Eastern Iowa Community College Urban Campus, the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce held a panel discussion on minority-owned businesses.

Brandy Poston, the manager of talent and inclusion for the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, referred to the event as “an opportunity for minority business owners to share their story and a chance for Quad Citizens to ask questions.”

Since the difficulties associated with pandemic-era concerns such as inflation, a shortage of employees, and setbacks remain, four local small company owners gave advise and shared their experiences as entrepreneurs.

Poston stated that one of the things that business owners feel they truly require is the ability to network with other people.

Latisha Howlett, proprietor of Bayside Cafe, advised patrons, “Before you put any money out there, and before your ideas grow enormous, think about who you are.”

In addition, the chamber hosts meetings of the minority business council once every three months.

Marlon Ganaway, proprietor of G&N Properties, is quoted as saying, “I’m really looking forward to establishing bridges.” “We are looking at any and all possibilities to demonstrate what it is that we are planning to achieve.”

Ganaway has been operating a real estate firm for the past two years, during which time the market has seen a number of downturns.

When asked about the health of the real estate market, Ganaway stated, “The pandemic and inflation have obviously been a challenging issue.” “Because mortgage rates have increased, it is now more difficult for individuals to acquire homes. The percentage of minority homeowners is shockingly low.”

Individuals are taking the initiative to become a resource that everyone can rely on.

“Do we have a 50/50 split ready for the table? We conferred with one another to determine the most beneficial function for each of us to play inside our company “Alix Holliday, owner of Dumpster Dudes, was quoted as saying.

Poston is quoted as saying that “when minority entrepreneurs prosper, so do their followers.”

Throughout the month of April, the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce will host a training on marketing and pre-grant applications.

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