How to Color with Colored Pencils

Have to know why your colored pencils are producing dull and lifeless colors? Or just you are looking at some ideas to boost your pencil coloring skills? Or perhaps you certainly are a beginner looking for the rough guide to coloring with pencil? Well, whatever your questions or experience, our guide – How to Color with Colored Pencils aims to answer these questions and more! So grab yourself a coloring page, sharpen up your pencils and prepare to put some of our coloring guidelines to the test!

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Quality Matters

Not all colored pencils would be the same. Cheap colored pencils generally possess harder wax leads and less pigment which mean they produce less vibrant colors and possess an inclination to leave some white spaces uncovered in the grain of the paper. As the lead is normally hard, cheaper pencil leads frequently are likely break and if the lead breaks through the whole amount of the pencil you will be left with something is unusable.

Professional level pencils like Derwent or Prismacolor provide cost effective and typically would be the priciest pencils to get. The wax in these pencils is certainly softer and the colors undoubtedly are a higher pigment providing brighter colors. The soft application allows blending and shading.

Whilst most colored pencils are wax based, some brands use an oil based lead, like Faber Castell’s Polychromos. These pencils have grown to be soft to use color so covers every fibre of the paper with their bright hues, nonetheless they are also too costly and should you need to be looked at in case you are seeking to think about your art to the very best level.

For beginners I would recommend either the Staedtler or Faber Castell label of pencils. These produce significantly better results than bargain bin pencils, provide good colors and invite you to try some simple shading and blending techniques. With practice the most effective coloring results can also be accomplished with modest tools!

THE RULES to Coloring with Pencils

Now you realize which pencils are best for coloring we offers you some guidelines, that everyone who accumulates a pencil should be aware of.

Add paper and acquire smoother coloring!
It is an easy rule, but enter the habit of adding several sheets of plain paper underneath your coloring page.

These extra sheet of paper will minimize your coloring experiencing the texture of the very best you will continue to work on. Colored pencils will easily grab actually the littlest dents, divots or wood grain textures. For smoother coloring give your page that little extra cushion! It is also good for add paper between your page and another if you are employing a coloring book, the paper protects the appearance underneath from being damaged.

Stay sharp!

Top quality pencils allows the effect in be sharpened regularly. Needle sharp advice on your pencils are perfect for applying detail and acquiring the precision essential to color intricate parts of a design.

Thinner points offers you more control over the color produced, big fat rounded ends by yourself pencils make it difficult to get the brightest colors.

Concentrate on the basics.

If you are starting to color, keep things simple. Forget shading, burnishing, details and texture – begin by block coloring and concentrating on keeping in the middle of your lines.

Block coloring is only the practice of taking your colored pencil and filling a spot completely and evenly with that color. Understand your pencil, go through the weight of it and practice control. Simply filling those spaces with color whilst trying to never exceed the lines will help you master control and prime you for learning more technical techniques.

Get even!

Creating a good even color using your coloring pencil is usually all right down to pressure. Push harder by yourself page for darker coloring, applying little pressure will producer a much lighter color. It truly is tempting to put a lot of pressure on the pencil to create the darkest color – don’t do it! A lot of pressure will most likely cause you to break your pencil leads, create a scratchy finish to your coloring and present you less control.