Guest Posting In Depth Explained

Determine Your Guest Blogging Goals

Before we begin, your first task is to select what your goal for guest blogging is. Knowing this goal beforehand is enter determining the ideal type of blogs to submit guest posts to. Typically there are three main goals for guest blogging.

  • Positioning yourself as an authority and well-known name on the market.
  • Obtaining exposure (traffic) back to your website.
  • Building inbound links.

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With the right type of content at the very top blogs, that can be done all three of the items. If you’re trying to execute either #1 or #2, afterward you would want to discover blogs with a superb sized and included audience. If you’re simply trying to execute #3, then you need to pinpoint blogs with strong root domain authority. You can examine this cost-free using the SEOmoz toolbar. Knowing your goals in advance will help you in determining which blogs will be the best for you to submit guest posts to.

How to locate Guest Blogging Opportunities

The first thing you will have to do is find guest post opportunities. When looking for places to guest post, most of your goal is to find sites relevant to your niche or industry. You are looking at blogs that fit another criteria:

  • This content is targeted by yourself niche / industry.
  • The audience of your site will be considering your industry.
  • Your site has engaged readership (posts have been shared socially and commented upon).
  • Your site owner is active on social media (so you know that they will be promoting your work on the webpage).

So if you can be found seeds, you will have to find gardening blogs with an involved audience of gardeners. Another should support you to find the right type of guest post opportunities.

Google Searches

Google is a wonderful place to start in the look for guest posting opportunities. You might use the pursuing keyword searches to find blogs that accept guest posts. Just replace keyword with keywords from your industry.

  • keyword “submit a guest post”
  • keyword “guest post”
  • keyword “guest post by”
  • keyword “accepting guest posts”
  • keyword “guest post guidelines”

These searches should make you a blog’s guest post guidelines page, guest post submission page, or actual guest posts by other writers.

Prolific Guest Bloggers

Know of any prolific guest bloggers in your industry? If you read enough blogs in your industry (that you need to), these will be the names you observe over and over writing articles for others. For web marketers, that list includes Gregory Ciotti, Danny Iny, Leo Widrich, Neil Patel, Marcus Sheridan, and much more. Using Google search, look for the name of prolific guest bloggers in your industry as well as the phrase “guest post by”. This will reveal all of the sites these guest bloggers have posted upon. They need to be good places that you ought to guest post upon aswell. A bonus will maintain the event that you truly know a guest blogger in your industry that could make an introduction to be able to the owners of blogs they have guest posted upon.

Competitor Backlinks

In the event that you (or your internet marketing agency) has ever pulled up a backlink analysis of a competitor while concentrating on your SEO campaign, it’s likely that a number of your competition have backlinks from guest posts they did. If you have access to tools like Open Site Explorer, you can look at the backlinks of your competitors and spot any blogs they have written for. If you don’t, you can do a Google search for “guest post” (replacing with your competitor’s domain) which should reveal sites that a competitor has written for.

Social Searches

A lot of bloggers and guest posters will share their latest guest posts on internet sites. Since the easiest someone to search is usually Twitter, you should try running a Twitter search for keyword “guest post” to get the latest tweets about guest posts in your industry. Just follow the links to see which blogs are accepting the guest posts.

600+ Guest Blogging Opportunities

Need more keyword search ideas or just a list with a number of different guest posting opportunities? Check out this post on Buzz Blogger with 500 places to syndicate content which by Brian Keith May with 100 sites to submit guest posts.


Last, however, not at all least, is My Blog Guest, a community of guest bloggers. Join free and look for blogs which are accepting guest posts. Better still, post your own info to state you will be seeking to write guest posts on a specific topic so blog owners will get you!