Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine Review

Espresso lovers everywhere look like losing their marbles over the Breville Barista Express espresso machine; a mid-costed machine, unrivaled in its category. You’re here because you’re considering buying it, but imagine if its wii choice for you?

Let’s dive deep into this Breville barista express review and find out. If you’re looking for a fantastic, mid-tier semi-automatic espresso machine, read on cautiously. The BES870XL is definitely an amazing choice for some; but a horrible choice for others. Let’s observe which side of the fence you lay on, shall we?

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1. Brewing Capability – 5/5

Whether you’re an espresso newbie or an expert; you’ll be enjoying amazing quality espresso based drinks every day in the event that you grab the barista express. It’s rare for a coffeemaker to meet the needs for both novices and experts (simultaneously)…so i wish to explain.

You get 4 filter baskets when with the barista express – pressurized and non-pressurized versions of a person and double filter. You may call them single or double walled baskets.

2. Milk Frothing – 5/5

Yes, this machine can help you create great cappuccino. You will need to figure out how to steam and froth milk with the Barista Express. That is not a computerized machine that does everything to suit your needs. Those are for lazy people.

BUT… with regards to frothing milk the Express, again, makes life easier. The stainless 360-degree steam wand helps it be simple to obtain the proper angle for your steaming pitcher, and whether you’re going for a head of milk froth for a cappuccino or silky microfoam for a latte, the infuser does a fantastic job.

3. Everyones Least Favourite Part – Cleaning – 4.5/5

When you have to invest 3x the quantity cleaning your machine than it needs you to make the darn coffee, a vacation to the restaurant begins to look better and better. Espresso makers are notorious to be heavily associated with regards to cleaning. However, not the Barista Express.


The product quality build of the device (which include Italian made parts) implies that the espresso you are brewing is true to the perfect tastes in Italy.

Again, she loses half a point here because of its a brushed stainless casing over plastic internals. Also for $699.95 (5), nobody will sell you a totally stainless steel machine. They could go bankrupt.

Customers may actually love what sort of Barista Express is manufactured, and it offers an one-year limited warranty for your satisfaction.

Final Verdict

Features similar to the integrated burr grinder, dosing and brewing abilities, and the ability to easily (and quickly) clean it make the Breville an excellent buy that may bring your home brewing alive. It’s a best seller on multilple internet sites forever reason. I couldn’t resist myself – I ordered, and payed for this as soon as I had used it someplace else.