Best call girls vegas

Best call girls vegas

Edie Vail

City Las Vegas
Age 39
Height 180
Weight 60
Breast size 3
Age restrictions from 18
Size clothing 40
Best time to call 24 hours
Created 18.03.15 09:55
Date of update 20.01.26 16:18
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Tall, slender and curvaceous, blue-eyed brunette with a wicked love of life. Playful and adventurous at
heart I must say i love hanging out with a genuine gentleman at all we choose. I would like to explore
chemistry between us, follow the wave we create.

Morning “wake me up”? Afternoon tryst? Evening “Dinner and Dessert”? My demeanor, dress and savvy views
are desired and you will be counted after at the level you will require for business functions, outdoor adventure or
private time if we prefer.

My desire is to create an unrushed and slow paced life where we’re able to explore one another at all we

I’m very much considering the possibility of hanging out with you plus much more, wrapping myself in
your presence.


Edie xoxo